Donya Robinson

Donya has over 15 years  experience in building small businesses and being an Executive Assistant. Eight of those years were spent in Human Resources.

With her skills and knowledge she trained a small business with 100 sales associates and 10 managers. After working with the team and their managers, in a matter of months she was able to develop their behavioral skills. This one collaborative style of training brought the team to sell over a million dollars with the average sell only being $29.99. It developed their personalities and confidence so even the lesser skilled sales consultants were reaching and exceeding their goals.

With her 15 years of experience building small businesses, Donya  is a master at getting around automated phone systems. She often reaches the employee in charge of buying your product or services. She trains sales and management groups the skills of cold calling, networking, effective follow up, time management, and how to job search in today’s hi tech systems.

She was trained in designing content for eye catching professional websites, marketing materials, and for effective social media pages.

Donya is so confident that her team will have a positive impact with your organization that she offers you a free 30 minute  business consultation. We assess your weak areas and find solutions.

She is savvy  and knowledgeable around keeping your business compliant with  state and Federal laws governing business and employees. With her 8 years in Human Resources she is skilled in employee conflicts and resolutions including unemployment. She recruited through job postings, interview screening, new employee, legal agreements, drug screens, background checks through to employee onboarding. She has resources that work with all size business to offer excellent insurance benefits. Her benefits resources have designed to offer companies affordable insurance with as little as 1 employee.

We leave our small businesses on a level to compete with large businesses who sell the same products and services as you.

The secret to her success is acquiring and selling with professional tools.