Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson is used to the grind. She writes for a living. She doesn’t think twice about picking up a side gig to cover groceries for a month. That’s just what she does – because she’s a Marketing Communications Writer, a Technical Editor, a Freelance Writer, and a Direct-Response Copywriter, and her skills are in high demand.

She also knows enough about web design to be dangerous and is a pro at WordPress.

As a full-time employee, she writes blog posts, marketing emails, landing page copy, white papers, and other marketing copy as needed. She loves her job – it gives her the space to use her creative muscles while also providing her with the direction she needs to focus her day-to-day life.

At home, Ashley is getting ready to celebrate her 10-year wedding anniversary! While she and her husband do not have children, they do care for three rambunctious cats that act very much like teenagers. They also keep a 75-gallon fresh water aquarium, which is a particularly favorite hobby for Ashley.

Ashley would be happy to provide you with writing samples and links to her published work. Please fill out the Contact Us form and let us know what kind of writing samples you need.